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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Three pronged strategy to re-develop Trinco Port

SRI LANKA Ports Authority (SLPA) has decided to re develop South Asia's biggest natural harbour, in Trincomalee. Vice Chairman Sri Lanka Ports Authority Dr. Krishan Deheragoda said this would be one of their priorities.

Trincomalee has been neglected for the past two to three decades and this was the reason for the government to decide to re-develop the harbour. The SLPA has formulated a three pronged strategy for this purpose.

The Trincomalee Port has over 500 acres of land out of which only less than 20 percent has been developed. Some of the land belonging to the Port has been encroached and the SLPA planning to relocate some of the encroached families out side the harbour area.

Dr. Deheragoda said that the available land would be developed in three zones. One zone would be for tourism where land would be provided for building of hotels and other leisure activities. "We would be soon calling for expressions of interest (EOA) for this purpose," he said.

The second zone would be for an industrial park. This area would provide space for ware houses, oil tanks and all other port related activities. The third area would be for relocating several families who have encroached land belonging to the SLPA.

Dr. Deheragoda said that they are also planning to separate a special area for high end eco tourism. "What we are planning to do is to leave some of the existing land with thick jungle for this purpose," he said.

The government will also focus on passenger transport operating to and from the Trincomalee Port since the area is a major tourist attraction.

Trincomalee is a natural harbour which is approximately 18 hours sailing from the main lane of international waters. The inner port draft is unlimited and any type of vessels can be accommodated and co-ordinated. Trincomalee, is considered by military experts as one of the best deep sea ports in the world.

It is situated strategically on the sea routes through which oil is carried from the Middle East to East and far-eastern Asia. According to observers, Trincomalee is a "strategic jewel". The Chinese government has already pledged assistance to develop the Hambantota harbour.

ipping line would further boost volumes of the Colombo Port, he said.
(DN - 10/06/2005)

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