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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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 SLPA Chairman Dr.Priyath B. Wickrama receives the most outstanding Sri Lankan award in Construction and National Development

Presentation of District Governor Lion Sunil Dharmaratna Special appreciation Award  for most outstanding Sri Lankan of the year in respect of  contributions  to the national  economic  development year 2010-2011. In the picture Dr.Priyath B. Wickrama, Chairman of SLPA receiving the award in the field of Construction and National Development at the ceremony from  Lion Mahendra Amarasuriya ( International President( 2007/2008).Lion Lionel Kuruppu  (cabinet Member) and Lion Kamal Fernando ( Cabinet member) are also in the picture.

Dr.Priyath B. Wickrama, Chairman of Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) received the prestigious award of the  International Association of Lions Clubs, as the most outstanding Sri Lankan in the field of Construction and National Development. The award was presented at 'The Most Outstanding Sri Lankan Awards' ceremony organized by the District 306 A1-Sri Lanka, of  the International  Association of Lions Clubs, on Saturday the 07th May 2011 at the BMICH in Colombo.  

Born in 1973, in Galle , Dr.Priyath B. Wickrama completed his higher education at the University of Moratuwa  with B.Sc. Eng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and P. G. (Dip) in Energy Technology respectivlely in the years 2000 and 2001. Accordingly, he functioned as an instructor  at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa till he joined Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) as a Mechanical Engineer in October 2001.  

In 2004, Dr.Wickrama was promoted to the post of the Executive Director of the SLPA with the responsibility of overseeing all establishment, technical and human resource development affairs of the institution. He also served as the Managing Director and the Vice Chairman of SLPA. In November 2008, Dr.Priyath B.Wickrama was appointed as the Chairman of SLPA with the responsibilities of ensuring efficient and effective administrative, operational and executive by issuing necessary guidelines, instructions and orders to ensure among other things providing regular stevedoring, shipping, transshipping, landing and warehousing of dry and wet cargo, tallying of cargo, providing protective services regulations and controlling  navigational services, maintain, improve and develop port installations and conducting business of SLPA to the satisfaction of the port users. 

Dr.Wickrama also  holds the position of Director (Southern Regional Development) in view of managing the development of all sea ports in the Southern region of the country. He is the Project Director of Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port Project. In the year 2010, Dr.Wickrama was appointed as the Director of the Urban Development Authority and the National Paper Company Ltd. At present, he also serves as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Port Management and Consultancy Services pt. Ltd. 

Dr.Wickrama also holds the PhD of International University of America in United Kingdom , in Operations Management.  He had been a  Charted Engineer and Council Member at the Institute of the Engineers Sri Lanka in 2006. Dr.Wickrama has performed in the capacities of the Committee Member of the Port Planning and Development Committee of the International Association of Ports and Hourbours (IAPH) in 2007 and an Affiliated Member (Professional) at the Charted Institute of Marketing in 2010.  

Since Dr.Priyath B. Wickrama assumed duties as the Chairman of the SLPA in 2008, he had a goal from day one, as the Chairman on one of the largest Public Sector Establishments in Sri Lanka , in terms of workforce and invaluable contribution towards  national economy. Realizing the necessity of achieving the expected results by optimum utilization of resources such as men, materials and money, he has been  working with a desire and determination to take crucial steps where necessary to achieve the goal with anticipated results. At a time where, optimum management of human resources, materials, finance, time and infrastructure facilities was lacking mainly due to conservative concepts and undesirable attitudes at the institution, Dr.Wickrama addressed the issues successfully, by introducing world recognized procedures and systems to ensure commitment, dedication and loyalty of the employees to the organization supported by technology to compete with any developed port in the world. 

One of the most important systems introduced under the leadership of Dr.Wickrama at SLPA, is the Terminal Management System for the efficient and effective planning and operation of the Container Terminals. Manual operations prevailing in the past have been computerized under the new Terminal Management System resulting higher productivity  and efficiency in all Terminal Operations, less paper work, facilities for better monitoring of services, possibility  for the Shipping Lines and Agencies to obtain final bay plan and other information on line and speedier turn round time of ships.  

He also introduced the Human Resource Information System (HIRS) at the institution, to maintain a data base with personal data of all employees  from recruitment to the retirement which covers attendance, leave, pay roll administration and performance evaluation which reduced the loss of man hours in routine work to attend to such areas in institutional administration. 

Computerizing of finance functions at SLPA was also introduced by Dr.Wickrama for the cost control in the areas of electricity, water, purchase of materials, financial management system, on line system for landing and delivery of containers, operations and management of customer service centres to ensure efficiency, accuracy and faster services to the port users.  

The award ceremony of the District 306 A1 of the International Association of Lions Clubs was held parallel to the 06th annual lions' Conference with the initiation of the former President of the International Association of Lions Clubs Lion Mahendra Amarasuriya and with the participation of a distinguished gathering including the President of District 306 A1 of the International association of Lions Clubs, Lion Sunil Dharmarathne. Five most outstanding  Sri Lankan personalities including Dr.Priyath B.Wickrama, Mrs.Rohini Nanayakkara, Mr.Rosmand Senarathne, Mr.Jackson Anthiony and Mr.Chinthana Geethal Vidanage were awarded at the ceremony for their dedicated contributions made in the fields of construction, human resource management, media, aesthetic performance and sports towards the socio-economic and national development of Sri Lanka.

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