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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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 SLPA strengthens  Steps to develop Sri Lanka as a Bunker Hub


Property at No.69, Wales Lane, Colombo 15 was vested in Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) from 15.09.2008 by a judgment issued by the Supreme Court. Accordingly, SLPA has taken all necessary measures to facilitate registered Bunker License Holders to  import and supply Marine fuel to vessels utilizing the facilities set up at the above location. 

Eight Bunker License Holders registered  in 2008 have now been increased to eleven. Facilities to accommodate excess quantities of petroleum products based on the import plans will be arranged at the weekly meetings. Marine  fuel supplied  to vessels at the Port of Colombo in 2008 had been approximately 21,000MT and this has now been increased up to 27,000MT. 

Following the policy of the Government to establish air, maritime, energy, commercial and knowledge hubs under the Mahinda Chinthana programme, Sri Lanka Ports Authority has taken a number of steps to develop Sri Lanka as a Bunkering Hub.  Steps have been taken to construct a storage tank with a capacity of 5,200MT at a cost of Rs.110 million to enhance the present storage capacity of 29,500MT. It has been proposed to lay Foundation Stone  for the replacement of the existing obsolete pipe lines at a cost of Rs.150 million to improve the efficiency in transfer of Marine Fuel from the Port of Colombo to the Colombo Oil Bank. 

Sri Lanka Ports authority has developed  New North Pier as a multi purpose berth  at a cost of  Rs.30 million for the berthing of Oil Tankers. Steps  are being taken to strengthen the South Pier by providing additional facilities by the Ports Authority at a cost of rs.25 million. 

A feasibility study is being conducted  to identify the most  suitable location to construct another tank for the storage of Marine diesel Oil which will cost approximately Rs.90million. It is the plan of the Ports authority to enhance the capacity at the Colombo Oil Bank up to 95,000MT. 

We are in the process of replacing engines, pumps at the pump house with boilers, fire fighting equipment and other equipment at a cost of Rs.60 million to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services rendered by the Colombo Oil Bank. 

In the meantime, salaries of the employees have been increased by 15% with a payment of Rs.3000/- as monthly terminal allowance with effect from November, 2009. Whilst providing all employee welfare amenities, a number of steps were taken to improve the working environment of the employees.  

The objective of the Ports Authority is to improve the quality of the services provided to the Bunker License Holders to enable them to supply Bunkers at competitive prices with a view to develop Sri Lanka as a Bunker Hub in the near future.

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