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Friday, December 13, 2019
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 SLPA Chairman Dr. Wickrama achieves his objective of getting Sri Lanka de-listed from ‘Listed Areas” – No additional war risk premium for calling Sri Lanka ports

SLPA Chairman Dr. Priyath B. Wickrama

Sri Lanka was grappling to cope with negative sentiments of International intelligence companies that forecasts commercially relevant political and violent risks despite the end of war and decrease in the overall risk level of Sri Lanka from severe 3.4 to high 2.6 (From risk scale of 10 – India is at 3.1,Pakistan is at 5.0 and Bangladesh at 3.0) 

The position maintained by the Joint War Committee (JWC) and the Joint Cargo Committee (JCC) on Sri Lanka at that time was, overall risks level has come down and it is important that Sri Lanka, particularly the Ministry of Ports and Aviation, Sri Lanka Ports Authority maintain a regular engagement with the Lloyds Marketing Association (LMA), and companies that report to JWC and JCC on hull and cargo insurance related risks to shipping

Under the supreme guidance of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Chamal Rajapakse the previous Minister of Ports & Aviation appointed a committee in August 2009 headed by Gotabaya Rajapaksa Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law & Order, representing officials from Ministry of Shipping, Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Sri Lanka Navy who co-ordinate, monitor and supervise security of all major ports in the country, Ceylon Association Ships’ Agents (CASA), Sri Lanka Association of Vessel Operators (SLAVO) and various shipping and marine related parties, to prepare an action plan as to how Sri Lanka could be off the ‘Listed Areas’ maintained by Joint War Committee (JWC). 

A delegation led by the Chairman of SLPA Dr. Wickrama proceed to London in December’09 and clarified the present National Security plan in place for ports in Sri Lanka, and also extended an invitation to JWC and independent Intelligent Consultants to make their own risks assessments on Sri Lanka, with an view of reaching the objective of establishing Sri Lanka as risks free country which will draw more foreign investors especially which will bring remarkable boost  for the Government development programs in the North and East. 

Exclusive Analysis recently visited North of Sri Lanka and also had discussions with Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka Navy, Chief of National Intelligence and various parties in Sri Lanka Shipping and Marine industry to understand the current security measures in accordance with the National Security plan and the on going economic reforms and reconstruction in north and east of Sri Lanka.  

The Joint War Committee has recently reviewed the Sri Lanka’s risk levels, and have deleted Sri Lanka, effective from 9th June 2010 from the ‘Listed Areas’ list maintained by the JWC for Hull War, Strikes, Terrorism and Related perils and there by reassuring that all Sri Lankan ports are free of any war related risks and additional war risk premium. 

Sri Lanka Ports Authority has already embarked on upgrading the ports of Sri Lanka with enhanced infrastructures and modern ship handling facilities to the tune of USD 1.5 billion and the above achievement will give a tremendous boost, specially to the port of Colombo to be attractive compared to the regional ports, and this will help our national economy to grow in terms of revenue.

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