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Proposal for Operation and Bunkering Facility at Port of Hambantota

Colombo Port's New Warehouse To Be Opened

Saturday, December 7, 2019
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 Hambantota Port ahead of schedule

Dr. Priyath Bandu Wickrema explaining details.

Hambantota Port project is progressing satisfactorily. It will be completed even earlier than the scheduled date.

According to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority nearly 76 percent of the breakwater construction work has been completed. The construction preparation and cofferdam constructions to have been fully completed.

Meanwhile 90 percent of the service berth constructions, 90 percent of the general purpose berth constructions, 59 percent of the basin excavation, 45 percent of the oil berth constructions, 42 percent of the roads and yards constructions, 32 percent of channel dredging and 10 percent of administration building constructions have also been completed.

The Chinese pode pre-cast is at 100 percent progress. Hambantota Port Development Project will be constructed especially enabling to handle 100,000 Draft Weight Tonnes (DWT) vessels. It will have an approach channel of 210 meters wide and 17 meters deep. The turning circle at the port will be of a diameter of 610 meters at a depth of 17 meters.

The port will consist of a service vessel berth 105 meters long, an Oil Terminal Berth 310 meters long at a 17 meters depth and a Quay Wall ( General Cargo) 600 meters long at a 17 meters depth.

The West and East breakwaters constructed for the port are of 988 meters and 312 meters long respectively.

The first stage of the Hambantota Port Development project which is will be completed by the end of this year ahead of schedule. The total cost of the project is US$ 361 million.

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