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Friday, December 13, 2019
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 Continued progress at the Colombo Port Expansion Project of SLPA

Breakwater at the Colombo Port Expansion Project 

Colombo Port Expansion Project (CPEP) launched by the Government of Sri Lanka following a  very comprehensive study of the Port of Colombo and to develop South Port area,  in order to cater for the increasing demands of services in the international shipping industry, is in full progress under the  two phases the project was planned to reach accomplishment. 

In a special inspection tour at the construction site of the CPEP recently, Chairman of  Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) Dr. Priyath B.Wickrama said that the project would change the economic situation in Sri Lanka as a number of investors would be here for the investments while a number of employment opportunities would also be generated. " We are working our best to convert Sri Lanka to a major global hub altogether with the skills of our experts as well as the facilities and resources available in the country", he said. 

Under phase one of the project Harbour Infrastructure work such as the construction of the 6.83km length Breakwater and dredging the new harbour basin and the navigation channel as well as the re-routing of crude oil pipe line will be accomplished while the construction of Terminals and other related services has been identified under phase two. 

The total estimated cost of construction of Harbour Infrastructure works is US Dollars 330 million. And the first South Container Terminal will be constructed under BOT terms. 

The Asian Development Bank and Sri Lanka Ports Authority Jointly finance the project of infrastructure works. Construction work of the project officially commenced on 11th April 2008 and is scheduled to be completed within 48 months. Meanwhile, the selection of a port operator for the South Container Terminal is in process and it will also be completed at the completion of the Harbour Infrastructure works in April 2012. 

The construction of the breakwater by placing of core material and outer protection layers of its  first 2100 m length has been successfully completed up to date while the rock transportation by sea from load Out Point (Small Harbour) located at Wadduwa in  Kalutara is also successfully continued during the calm weather. Around 15- 20 barges transport the rock materials to Colombo for a week. The dredging of the main channel for the use of dredged sand in the core of the breakwater and in the filling of contractor’s working area is in progress satisfactorily while  more than 13 million Cubic meters have been completed by now. 

The re-laying of the submarine crude oil pipeline pipe line has been commenced in January 2010 and currently, a 9 Km length has also  been completed successfully. This work will be completed in April 2010. 

The overall progress is assessed at about 22% while the financial proposal for the South Container Terminal of the CPEP has been opened and evaluation is in progress.

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