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Proposal for Operation and Bunkering Facility at Port of Hambantota

Colombo Port's New Warehouse To Be Opened

Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Foundation laying today

The proposed Tank Farm Project

The foundation laying ceremony of the Tank Farm Project and Administrative Building at Hambantota Port Site will be held with the initiative of President Mahinda Rajapaksa with the participation of Minister of Ports, Aviation, Irrigation and Water Management Chamal Rajapaksa and Minister of Ports Development Dilan Perera today at the Hambantota Port Project Site.

Minister of Ports and Aviation Chamal Rajapaksa, following the assumption of duties as the new Minister of Ports and Aviation, took initiative in the implementation of Hambantota Port Development Project to expedite its constructions according to Mahinda Chinthanaya, not only with the objective of developing the infrastructure of the Southern Region but also aiming for the wider economic development of the whole country.

The total project is carried out with the supervision of the Chairman of SLPA and the Director of Hambantota Port Development Project Dr. Priyath B.Wickrama under the guidance and instructions of Minister of Ports and Aviation Chamal Rajapaksa. Janaka Kurukulasuriya is the Chief engineer of this Southern Port Development Project.

With the implementation of the work, a fully fledged Bunkering Facility and a Tank Farm Project will be constructed at Hambantota Port with 14 tanks with an expenditure of 76,581,774 US$. Eight tanks out of the 14 will be utilized for bunkering while the other six will be utilized three each for Aviation Fuel and as LPG Tanks. The 14 tanks will offer a total capacity of 80,000m3. China Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation works as the contractor of the project.

An Administrative Building of 15 levels including a roof top will also be built at the site for Hambantota Port with a floor area of 75000sq ft and a height of 200ft. The building is designed by Tanya and Suren Wickremasinghe Architects. China Harbour Engineering Co and Sino Hydro Corporation Joint Venture is also the contractor of the Hambantota Port Development Project. Hambantota Port Development Project that was commenced in January 2008 is scheduled to be completed in April 2011.

The project has been implemented with a total construction cost of 360 million US$ of which 85 percent will be granted by the Ex-Im Bank of China. The balance will be invested by SLPA.

Being a mega development project implemented in Sri Lanka, Hambantota Port Development Project is fully supervised and inspected by the Engineers of SLPA that enabled SLPA to save a huge cost that would have to be spent if the project was handed over to foreign experts for supervision and inspection.

Hambantota is the nearest point to the main shipping route that connects East and West.

As the Port of Colombo is reaching its maximum capacity for all types of cargo including Bulk, Break Bulk, RoRo, Oil and Gas, Container and etc; another suitable and efficient port is in need with all facilities to cater the increasing demand of maritime transportation and customer services.

As a completely successful solution to the type of congestion expected at the Port of Colombo, the biggest service and industrial port in the country is being constructed closest to the international maritime route in Hambantota. The region is also considered a better geographical location with fair weather conditions and closer to deep contours for such construction.

Hambantota has a low density of population and is considered as a less developed area for a long time. The availability of extensive land areas and less restrictions in the planning therefore, have enabled to construct Hambantota Port Project as an internal port which is cost effective rather than the off shore constructions. Due to the natural depth along the coast line, there exist no need for a lengthier approach channel. The land in the area also stands suitable for a number of port related industries and services.

Hambantota Port Development Project will be constructed especially enabling to handle 100000DWT vessels. It will have an approach channel of 210 metres wide and 17 metres deep. The turning circle at the port will be of a diameter of 610 metres at a depth of 17 metres. The port will also consist of a Service Vessel Berth of 105 metres long, an Oil Terminal Berth of 310 metres long at a 17 metres depth and a Quay Wall (General Cargo) of 600 metres long at a 17 metres depth. The West and East breakwaters constructed for the port are of 988 metres and 312 metres long respectively.

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