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Monday, January 27, 2020
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SL Maritime Sector communication facilities to meet its potential by 2020



Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga yesterday revealed that the Government would be able to upgrade the communication facilities of maritime sector to meet its potential by 2020. Minister stressed that participating at the official website launch of Ministry of Ports and Shipping yesterday (12).

The event was graced by the Secretary of the Ministry of Ports and Shipping Mr. L.P. Jayampathi, the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) Dammika Ranatunga and other distinguished guests.

“During the era of previous government several websites abused to promote the personal image of some politicians. But our purpose is significantly different. The ministry website will make facilities to the people to get all the information about SL Ports. I’m not interested in getting media publicity for my activities. We have never promoted anything what we gained in the maritime sector thus far. But we shouldn’t have done that. Some people try to develop their image but have done nothing towards the development of the country thus far. Some ministers display their designation boards by taking it personal. They promote their insignificant activities via the media. But our effort is to deliver the most significant information to the people through our website.

Our vision is to provide high quality and user friendly marine service to the people by developing Sri Lanka as the most competitive hub of maritime activities in the South Asian Region. We expect to strengthen our communication services to the people via our website. The website mainly will provide all updated information of Ministry of Ports and Shipping.The Secretary of the Ministry of Port and Shipping Mr. L.P. Jayampathi delivering his speech at the event asserted that he would give his best effort to upgrade the communication system of the Ports and Shipping operation sector.

“We are living in a global village. It provides fast approach for worldwide news. The website will provide not only the information about Colombo port operations but also all other islandwide ports”, Mr. L.P. Jayampathi asserted.

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