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Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Implementing ILO Convention

The Colombo Port

A workshop on the implementation of 'International Labour Organization' (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention 2006 was held by Germanischer Lloyd Colombo (GL CBO), for the Sri Lankan shipping community recently at the Hotel Galadari.

Germanischer Lloyd Colombo is a subsidiary of the Germanischer Lloyd of Germany which is the leading classification society for container vessels world over and one of the leading classification societies in the world in the maritime industry and other Industrial services including wind power generation.

Germanischer Lloyd also provides expertise with thousands of exclusive surveyors in designing, building and maintaining safe and environmentally clean vessels for the off shore and sea going industry. This ranges from workshop approvals to IT software for management level.

The ILO MLC 2006 convention brings in a new array of standards for the seafaring community. Though late in coming into recognition yet it improves the life of a seafarer even at a latter stage, ensure the fundamental rights of the seafarer, and to agree on international minimum standards for maritime working and living conditions.

The Seafarer is a person who has to endure long periods of virtual isolation while yet maintaining high standards of work to guard against environmental pollution and to maintain high safety and quality standards onboard. This will no doubt help the future generations of seafarers to reap the benefits of this convention, the majority being from the developing world.

The Convention brings about laws and guidelines for owners and managers of vessels in regard to the rights of the seafarer.

The Convention which was adopted in 2006 will enter into force 12 months after ratification by 30 Member States and 33 percent of the world gross tonnage.

The latter has already been achieved with 44.3 percent of the world GRT already ratifying it.

Namely, Bahamas (5.7 percent), Liberia (9.5 percent), Marshal Islands (4.5 percent), Panama (22.4 percent), Norway (2.2 percent) which makes up the 44.3 percent of the worlds GRT.

The EU has the member states to ratify called upon same by the end of 2010 which would add a further 27 countries and 25 percent GRT.

Sri Lanka which has emerged from the scourge of terrorism is seeing a rapid growth of local ship owners and hence it is an appropriate time for this important seminar to upgrade the knowledge of the local owners, operators and managers.

The seminar was attended by all leading ship owners of Sri Lanka and management companies as well as officials from the Merchant Marine Division of the Ministry of Ports and Aviation of Sri Lanka.

The Seminar was organized by the Country Manager for GL Colombo, S.R.L.de Silva and was presented by Waldemar Kramff of GL Academy Germany.

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