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Monday, January 20, 2020
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Essential Guide For The Shipping Industry

  • Workshop On Port Tariff & Port Services On May 29

The Shippers’ Academy Colombo has organized a training programme on the Sri Lanka Ports Authority’s latest & revised tariffs on port services.

The port has many services providing to numerous stakeholders from ship to shore. They include:

Navigation services

Export/Import Cargo Handling

Terminal Operations

Container/Conventional  Cargo/Automobile

Free Storage & Rent

Value Added Logistic Services

Receipt / Delivery Operation &  Online Payments of Tariffs

It is important that the industry understands how port is calculating these charges as they will indirectly reflect part of import/export clearing charges, ship handling charges & other miscellaneous service charges provided by the port.

The one-day training course is targeted towards all industry stakeholders that work with the port and gets involved in the billing process with the SLPA. If a proper understanding is not there on how calculations are done on cargo and services companies may pay unnecessarily for the services rendered by the port. This workshop is recommended for logistics & finance personnel in the shipping industry and sectors related to international trade such as exporters and importers.

Upul Jayatissa, Chief Manger, Marketing & Business, SLPA, will conduct the programme at the Victorian, The Kingsbury on Friday, 29th May 2015, from 8.30am till 4.30pm.

Those interested could contact the Shippers’ Academy Colombo on 077-3820703 / 0113560844 or e-mail:enquiries@shippersacademy.lk

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