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Proposal for Operation and Bunkering Facility at Port of Hambantota

Colombo Port's New Warehouse To Be Opened

Saturday, December 7, 2019
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  Colombo South breakwater nearing completion

Colombo South breakwater dam under construction.

The construction of the breakwater and the construction of the Hambantota port have shown a significant progress during the last months.

The placing of the core material and protection layers of first 600 m length of the Colombo South break water have been completed up to date.

It is planned to complete 750 m length of the breakwater before the coming South West Monsoon expecting in late May 2009.

The contractor has planned to continue the construction of the breakwater during the SW monsoon depend the availability of calm weather windows.

The rock transportation from load Out Point ( Small Harbour) located at Wadduwa Kalutara has been commenced and few loads of barges have already transported to Colombo.

The dredging of main channel and the reclamation for breakwater and the contractor's working area is in progress satisfactorily and upto date more than 7 million Cubic metres have been completed.

The steel pipe fabrication for the diversion of SPBM oil pipe line is being done in Korea and excavation and rock blasting necessary to bury the pipe line is in progress. The new pipe line will be operational in March 2010. The construction work of the Hambantota port too is going on apace, a Project official said.

The importance of the construction of the port within 10 nautical miles of the world's busiest shipping lane had been identified by several shipping magnates and oceanologists since it is located directly at the intersection of major international sea trading routes. The natural depth along the coastline is suited for the development of a deep-water-port.

The most important thing in this port is the approaching to the port does not necessitate a long dredged channel.

The strategically situated maritime gateway to India is also one advantage to develop the trade between the two countries, the official said.

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