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Saturday, December 7, 2019
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 Logiventures expands automotive logistics operations in HMB

Logiventures, the logistics services subsidiary of the Hayleys Group, has invested in eight acres of land in close proximity to the Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port in Hambantota to build a state-of-the-art logistics hub to support its vehicle transit facility, which opened there in June last year.

The expansion of the company’s automotive logistics operations in Hambantota will enable Logiventures to offer vehicle importers a wide range of services ranging from pre dispatch inspection to closed storage, in addition to comprehensive transport solutions, the company said.

"Over the past 11 months, Logiventures has accounted for a dominant 70 per cent share of the new vehicles cleared at the Hambantota Port, and we believe an expansion of our infrastructure is warranted," Logiventures Director Janitha Jayanetti said.

 He said the company’s existing yard of 3.5 acres within one kilometre of the Hambantota port is already adequately supported by the Logiventures car carrier fleet, which is the largest in Sri Lanka, enabling the company to transport upto 60 units a day from Hambantota.

 Logiventures has constructed specialised loading ramps which are designed and manufactured in-house to suit the exact requirements of customers and the vehicles they import, and has trailers ranging from 15 to 90 feet to carry any type of vehicle or truck weighing up to 80 Tonnes, Mr. Jayanetti said. All Logiventures car carriers are GPS monitored.

 The company operates two more automotive facilities in Colombo of 4.5 acres for two of the largest vehicle importers, demonstrating its expertise in automotive logistics.

 A member of Hayleys Advantis, the transportation and logistics arm of the Hayleys Group, Logiventures specializes in cargo handling, transportation, automotive logistics, storage facilities, sale and hire of Convertainers® (Portable Cabins) and empty containers, supply of tamper-evident seals and stickers and numerous services related to logistics chains. The company is credited with being the pioneer in developing a car carrier trailer in Sri Lanka to transport cars on a large scale.

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