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Proposal for Operation and Bunkering Facility at Port of Hambantota

Colombo Port's New Warehouse To Be Opened

Saturday, December 7, 2019
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 Hambantota Port to add capacity

Pictures show cars parked at the port  yard to be transshipped at MRMRP.

The Hambantota Port which started commercial operations, is set to attract many businesses supplementing the operations at Colombo Port.

The Hambantota Port will add capacity to the overall commercial operations in the shipping industry and will have a positive impact on the long run.

The country is ready to attract more businesses and the addition of another port will ease the congestion at the Colombo Port, Colombo Shippers’ Academy Chief Executive Officer Rohan Masakorala told Daily News Business.

Hambantota Port is most suited for large scale operations as there is more land space for cargo.

This is the starting point and it will give positive signals for international line operators. The bunkering facilities at the port are near completion, he said. Among the advantages of the Port are the immediate container and cargo handing facilities and with the completion of bunkering facilities the Port could be positioned in the international shipping industry.

“The Port will be inviting international firms to establish bunkering facilities as it will play an active role in this regard. With proper infrastructure facilities the port will be of more value in addition, providing services.

This will reduce the pressure at Colombo Port. The port will achieve sustainability in the medium and long run. However, the global economic situation is a concern where it could be overcome by providing superior quality service,” Masakorala said.

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