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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Port soars to new heights

PORT: The Sri Lanka Ports Authority and Jaya Container Terminal team must be commended for having won the confidence of the international shipping industry and achieving the highest container throughput record of 2.4 million TEUs in year 2005.

A number of new terminal agreements were also signed last year with shipping lines to patronise the State-run Jaya Container Terminal.

This result has been achieved despite severe constraints faced such as lack of adequate yard space, security restrictions and inadequate computer support required to efficiently run a modern port.

Container Transporters have raised concerns over access and transacting point congestions and delays arising out of pattern congestions and the introduction of severe security measures to the main commercial sea port of Sri Lanka.

The Colombo Port serves 100 per cent of its local needs of import and export trades and land-based services.

Enhanced security measure is warranted due to the importance of the Port. The present practice in allowing multiple parties of trucks and personnel to enter the port for non sea-fronted transactional and operational activities has put a severe security pressure for the port security administrative authorities.

That has caused immense congestions and delays as experienced by Container Transporters.

Whilst on one hand the ship-based water-fronted activities have brought commendation, on the other hand the land-based activities experienced by the importers and exporters continue to face ever increasing delays and congestions as experienced by its users including the container truckers.

JCT Terminal in its full operational, efficient capacity level has container storage capability of 18,000 TEUs due to full storage constraints because of same weight and same class segregated storage requirements, and different yard stack area assignment due to different outward destinations of port locations.

With the already delay in starting the South Port development the Port of Colombo is faced severe congestion and storage capacity problem unless port plans ahead measures to overcome the problems envisaged ahead.

Even with an early start of the South Port construction for further development of the Port, it is bound to take more than 4 years to complete the project and during the construction period of this project, transporting materials and resources to and from the port development area including transportation within the port will further compound the issues faced by the container transporters.
(DN - 20060220)


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