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Proposal for Operation and Bunkering Facility at Port of Hambantota

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Monday, January 27, 2020
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The days and the time that the Maritime Museum and the port could be visited?

The Maritime Museum is opened daily (including public holidays) from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
The school children are allowed to visit the port on Saturday & Sunday and Public Holidays from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. when the following requirements are fulfilled.

  1. A request letter from the Principal of the school, Addressed to the Chief Security Manager, SLPA
  2. List of the names of the children
  3. Names and NIC Nos. of adults
  4. Vehicle numbers
  5. Names and the NIC Nos. of the driver and the assistant.

The request letter should be reached the Chief Security Manger two weeks prior to the visit.

Port related publications and where to purchase them?
  1. "Kolomthota Puranaya" - Maritime Museum
  2. The Transformed Port of Colombo - Maritime Museum
  3. Port Statistics - Finance Division
  4. Schedule of dangerous Goods - Secretariat
  5. All available at No.19, Chaithya Rd Colombo 1.
Communications & Public Relations
Can I request information or media coverage's on SLPA from CPRD?

Yes. You can forward request letter to DCM of the PR Division to the following address

Can I request to publish advertisements in SLPA publications published by CPRD?

Yes. You can request in writing with relevant materials (eg: CD copy of advertisement)

Can I request SLPA related media information from CPRD?

You can request in writing expressing in detail of the requirement from the following address.

The address all letters should be forwarded to

Deputy Chief Manager,
Communication and Public Relations Division,
Sri Lanka Ports Authority,
Canal Yard,
Colombo 01.

What is the Depth in the Turning Basin?


What is the Depth in the approach Channel?

South West Channel 16.0m,  North Channel 13.0m

What is the Diameter of the Turning Basin?


What is the Maximum allowed Draught alongside?

Depend on the berth. But maximum permitted at JCT 3, 4 and SAGT is 14.25m

Information Systems
Can an agent send a TDR (Terminal Departure Report) electronically to SLPA?

Yes, you can send. Two methods available to send the TDR.  Use the email address edi@slpa.lk and send the TRD as an attachment or handover a diskette with the TDR file.

Is it possible to obtain a loading list scheduled for a certain Voyage prior to planning?

Yes, it is possible. Send a request to the IS division with a SLPA reference number of the Voyage and you can get the loading list via e-mail.

Can I receive the Final BAPLIE EDI message before sailing the Vessel? If so, how long will it take for me to obtain a Final BAPLIE once the operation of a Vessel is completed?

Yes, you can receive a Final BAPLIE before sailing the vessel. While ship loading operations is in progress, necessary bay plan updates are performed sequence by sequence and Final BAPLIE is ready within 10 minutes after the Vessel loading operation is completed.

Is it possible for me to get the Gate movement details of containers and how do I get it?

Yes. On request from Information Systems Division of SLP A, it is possible for you to get daily Gate movement details of the containers in CODECO (UNEDIF ACT) format.

Will I be able to get the Berthing Schedule of SLPA?  and  How?

Yes. Daily Berthing Schedule is email to all the Agents by Operations Division of SLP A. If you are a registered Agent, probably you will receive the daily Berthing schedule.

Can I obtain de-stuff information from SLPA?

Yes. There is a link available on our Web Site (www.slpa.lk) called PortCom to obtain de-stuff information for registered Container Operators/Shipping Agents. You have to obtain a User-ID & password from the Web Administrator of SLPA to access the PortCom

Mahapola Training lnstitute.
Are you conducting training programms for outsiders/seafarers?

Yes, we conduct training in the fields of Maritime, Equipment Operation & Technical.

What are the programs conduct?
    1. Maritime stream
    2. Ship Deck Rating course
    3. Ship Engine Room rating course
    4. Basic First Aid
    5. Personal Survival Techniques
    6. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
    7. Fire Prevention and File Fighting
    8. Advanced Fire Fighting
    1. Equipment Operation Stream
    2. Folk Lift Operation Training
    3. Prime Mover Operator Training
    4. Mobile Crane Operator Training
    5. Trade Tests
    1. Technical Stream
    2. Welding
    3. Aluminum Fabrication
  4. Conduct tailor made programs in any other field as per the customer's requirement
What are the welfare facilities provided to the SLPA employees?
  1. Free meals, tea and snacks
  2. Medical Aid Scheme- reimburse money spent by the employee on medical treatment or hospitalization up to a limit of 15,000/= (annually).
  3. Exgratia payment – Rs.25,000/= as funeral expenses for employee.
  4. Scholarship scheme
  5. Housing loan scheme- A maximum of Rs.500,000/= is released per employee on request.
  6. Holiday Bungalow Facilities
  7. Welfare bus service – provided at concession rates; provided free of charge to attend an employee funeral of Rs.6,500/= refunded.
  8. Insurance scheme- employee are given a cover of Rs.100,000/= under the personal accident insurance scheme.
  9. Awarding a souvenir for long service- for employees completing a service of 30 & 40 years.
  10. Common facilities provided in welfare building-equipments for gymnasiums, TVs, lockers, water dispensers, beds, tables, and chairs.
  11. Allocation of funds for sport activities (Rs.141,200/=)
In general, what facilities does the SLPA Medical Division provide to its employees?
Services of a mini hospital.
I am an employee of ………………………… Division holding the Tr.Card No……………My……………………(relation) is currently undergoing indoor treatment at …………………………….
For an urgent illness, how can I obtain medical benefits in this regard?
Refer circular Nos.
  1. secretariat circular no 02/2002
  2. SLPA circular no slpa/24/2005
3. How do you compensate your employees in case of an injury with the result of temporary incapacity or permanent disability due to an accident while at work?
Temporary injury: Accident leaves with pay depending on extent of incapacity

Permanent disability: Depending on extent of permanent disability.
How can an employee apply for retirement on medical grounds in case of grave illness?
Depending on Chief Medical Officer’s decision on stipulated condition enacted by the S.L.P.A.
Do SPLA Medical Division and the Port Health Office differ in the respective missions and services?
SLPA Medical Division looks after the Medical/Preventive/Physical well being of employees.

Port Health Officer which comes under the Ministry of Health does quarantine duties of Crew-Members.
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